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Embarking on a new adventure: Finding a new career in TTEC EMEA

Embarking on a new adventure: Finding a new career in TTEC EMEA

By Gianne Lim

The pandemic brought about a different kind of setup for everyone. Companies acknowledged that people can efficiently work from home, parents realized they can multitask even more – taking care of their children and then working from home at the same time and students became comfortable studying outside classrooms. This kind of setup made traveling, moving around, migration, and relocation even more accessible. 

We are not limited to finding work within our cities and countries anymore. Our world suddenly became bigger. We can now find jobs, opportunities, connections, and networks across continents, we just need to make sure we are doing it the right way. There are more and more companies that offer opportunities in different countries and TTEC is one of them, mainly TTEC Europe (EMEA)

We all know that moving to a new country is very exciting but at the same time overwhelming. You need to consider a lot of things, like the company in general, the culture,  the benefits of working in that country compared to working in your country and many more. Take Iryna Z. for example, one of TTEC's senior sales managers. She shares that while the unknown can be intimidating, going through the experience opens a world full of opportunities for people considering moving to another country. She relocated to Krakow, Poland from Ukraine way back in 2013 to pursue higher education at one of the Polish Universities. She started as a sales representative and was then promoted to sales manager and is now developing her career more as a senior sales manager.

Here at TTEC Europe we don't just reach for amazing, we reach for it every day! We make sure you have all you need to thrive in a new environment where you can focus on yourself and your career growth. Forging meaningful connections and finding the right career path for you is made easy by TTEC EMEA. We offer opportunities in TTEC Irelandand TTEC Krakow. And these opportunities are sales supporting B2B marketing for a world-renowned technology and search-engine giant.  

Of course, we want you to #experienceTTEC all the way. TTEC EMEA offers- health and wellness programs, life insurance, pensions, and retirement, and employee referral program. Oh forgot to mention that we also love to have some fun here!  

So, if you are looking for a new adventure and a chance to build a new life from scratch? Then it's time to consider Ireland and Krakow and TTEC for your next career journey.  

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