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Discover TTEC Concord: Where Caring for the Community is Part of Our Culture

Discover TTEC Concord: Where Caring for the Community is Part of Our Culture

By Lavinia L

For over 40 years, TTEC has been making a positive impact in the communities where our employees live and work. Being part of this team has made me reflect on how I can contribute as an individual towards our shared goal. I believe that providing job opportunities and fostering an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels valued and heard is a meaningful way to make a difference. And the story of how TTEC Concord gave back in the community has inspired me even more!

I sat down with Dan H., Site Director to learn more about a recent community event that brought his team together in Concord, North Carolina. It was amazing to hear about how much fun everyone had, enjoying Chick-fil-A lunches, playing basketball, and reconnecting with colleagues they hadn't seen in a while. Some people who were only able to drive through due to their lunch break had enough time to swing by and pick up some sandwiches. To make things even more exciting, they had set up a drawing for a gift card, and all participants had to do was provide their name and email address for a chance to win. It was heartwarming to see how eager our employees were to give back to the community. In fact, when Dan found out that the police department was next door, he gave them food to share with their colleagues. 

It reminded me of how important it is to build connections and give back to the people around us. Dan summed it up perfectly, saying, "It was a day that showed how much TTEC values our employees and their families." This story has left a lasting impression on me, highlighting the significance of community and fun in the workplace.

Apart from this, Dan shared their positive experience with participating in a community grant program in the first quarter of this year. They were delighted to receive a $3000 grant to support the Boys and Girls Club of Cabarrus County, a local organization. With the help of around 50 team members who sponsored the effort, they could make a significant impact in their community. This effort not only demonstrates the company's commitment to supporting local communities but also highlights the strong bond and support system among its staff. According to Dan, "It's a balancing act between doing good for our community and supporting one another," and the TTEC team looks forward to continuing to give back in any way possible.

TTEC strongly believes in corporate social responsibility and finding ways to give back to the community. It's heartening to know that the TTEC Foundation donated $234K to education-related organizations across the globe in 2021. It shows that TTEC cares about creating a better future for everyone, not just its employees.

TTEC's commitment to sustainability is also something that I am proud of. In 2022, TTEC achieved a total greenhouse gas reduction of 130 metric tons and recycled 42 tons of material globally, demonstrating the power of giving back to the environment. As someone who cares about the environment, it's reassuring to know that the company I work for is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. If you want to learn more about TTEC's sustainability efforts, check out our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report.

TTEC has also been recognized by Forbes as a Best Employer for Veterans, Best Employer for Diversity, and one of the World's Top Female-Friendly Companies. These accolades show that TTEC is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

At TTEC, we're dedicated to creating a better future for everyone through our various initiatives, environmental efforts, and community events. Being part of a company that values making a positive impact in the world fills me with gratitude and a sense of purpose.

If you're currently on a job search and want to be a part of a company dedicated to making a positive impact in the world, consider joining TTEC. As an employee, you'll have the opportunity to work with a team that values diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and is committed to creating a better future for everyone.

In Concord? Come work with Dan H. and bring your smiles to our customer service team in Concord, North Carolina. You'll become a part of a great company that values its employees and is committed to creating a positive impact in your community. 

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