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Celebrating Global TA Day with TTEC's Exceptional Talent Acquisition Success Stories

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By Gianne L.


Global Talent Acquisition (TA) Day is a day to celebrate the remarkable individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to shape the workforce of organizations around the world. We usually call them recruiters or talent acquisition specialists, but really, they are individuals or teams within organizations responsible for identifying, attracting, and hiring qualified candidates to fill job vacancies. And most of the time, they are the first people you interact with when you apply for a job at any company. 

At TTEC, we have our own group of extraordinary Talent Acquisition professionals, who have not only found success within the company but have also positively impacted the lives of countless individuals by providing them with career opportunities. Our amazing TA (Talent Acquisition) Teams are the ones who make sure that we find the right talent for all our available opportunities around the world. They are the bridge between job seekers and TTEC, responsible for creating a positive candidate experience and ensuring a successful hiring process. 

Today, we are proud to share some of the inspiring stories of TTECers from around the globe, many of which started as customer service representatives or customer service agents and are now in leadership roles. 

Meet Lynn W. E. from TTEC USA
Lynn's journey at TTEC began in 2019 when she joined as a Team Lead. Over the course of three years, she excelled in various roles, including Team Lead on three different projects, gaining valuable experience in leadership and management. Lynn's dedication to her work was evident as she worked on over 30 elections, handling everything from hiring and training to payroll and management. 

In late 2021, Lynn decided to transition to Talent Acquisition, a move she had contemplated for some time. With her extensive experience in training and hiring, she was well-prepared for her new role. Lynn's passion for helping candidates through the hiring process shines through, and her favorite TTEC values, "Seek First to Understand" and "Lead Every Day," guide her in her interactions with both candidates and clients. 

Here's the inspiring story of JoAnne P. from TTEC USA 
JoAnne's journey at TTEC spans an impressive 14 years. She initially joined as a customer service representative and later took on various roles, including trainer and Team Lead. When the project she was working on was winding down, JoAnne decided to explore new opportunities within TTEC and discovered Talent Acquisition. 
JoAnne finds immense fulfillment in helping candidates kickstart their careers at TTEC. The value that resonates with her the most is "Act as One," emphasizing the importance of teamwork and unity. Her journey at TTEC has been nothing short of amazing, and she takes pride in being part of an organization that changes lives. 

From Agent to Director, meet Ann C. from TTEC Philippines
Anne's incredible journey at TTEC spans almost 14 years. She started as an agent in 2009 and soon transitioned to a temporary role in Talent Acquisition, supporting a significant ramp-up project. This temporary position led to a permanent role within the recruitment team. Anne admits that she had no prior experience in recruitment, but with the guidance of mentors, TTEC Talent courses, and behavioral interviewing training, she quickly acquired the necessary knowledge. 

One of Anne's greatest joys in her role is being an instrument of change in people's lives by offering them job opportunities. The TTEC value "Act as One" reflects the teamwork and passion that goes into completing a successful hiring process. Anne's journey at TTEC has been filled with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment as she watches candidates she recruited succeed in their roles. 

From Operations to Talent Acquisition, learn how from Vaquar S. from TTEC India
Vaquar's journey at TTEC spans an impressive 19 years, starting as an associate in 2004 and gradually moving up the ladder. Despite having no prior experience or education in recruitment, Vaquar was determined to join the Talent Acquisition team. He pursued internal job postings and was eventually selected in 2013, fulfilling his dream. 

Vaquar believes in stepping out of one's comfort zone for personal growth, and his transition from operations to Talent Acquisition was a testament to this belief. He completed an MBA in Human Resources to enhance his skills in the field. The TTEC value “Do the Right Thing” strongly resonates with him. He believes in the importance of ethical decision-making in both his professional and personal life.  

These inspiring stories from TTEC employees around the world highlight the incredible journey of Talent Acquisition professionals. TTEC is not just a workplace; it's a place where dreams are realized, careers are nurtured, and lives are changed.  
Just like them, we look forward to learning about YOUR own success stories and continued career growth in the years to come, guided by our core values and commitment to excellence.  
Join us on social as we celebrate their dedication, passion, and the positive impact they make on individuals' lives and how they create and bring smiles every day.  
Want to be part of our TA team? Visit this link to learn more about our current talent acquisition opportunities around the globe. 
Happy Global TA Day! #experienceTTEC

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