“Working for a company, it’s not always about the money, the benefits, but it’s always about the company culture, the amazing people that you work with and all the exciting opportunities for you to grow professionally”, says Kim Alcantara, senior specialist from the TA Marketing and communications team, when asked what made him want to come back to TTEC. 

In a blog written and shared by Julian Lute, titled Company Culture - Meaning, Benefits and Strategies, company culture is defined as “how you do what you do in the workplace. It’s the sum of your formal and informal systems and behaviors and values, all of which create an experience for your employees and customers”. Employees are more aware of how company culture affects work performance in a day-to-day basis. People are looking more for how a company functions, taking into consideration everyone’s uniqueness and how diversity really contributes to teamwork. And that’s what we want and try to achieve here at TTEC. We’re all about culture and that’s one reason why our alumni come back. 

“What brought me back to TTEC was the support system. I also appreciate the ability to learn and grow in different roles and to expand my knowledge base, and the fact that I do have a lot of opportunities to grow and advance in my career”, shares Candice Daigneault, one of our amazing licensed healthcare agent team leads from our healthcare vertical. It’s not a secret that companies nowadays highlight internal growth, internal promotion, cross department/ role promotion and it’s the same with TTEC. As much as possible we make sure that every opportunity is available to everyone and when and if they choose to find another career path within the company they can freely do so. TTEC Talent, our professional development portal, offers almost 11,000 free courses, certifications and learning modules that our current employees can explore and utilize to their advantage, talk about upskilling! We also have amazing mentorship programs like the Shadow Ops team in TTEC Canada and leadership programs, like BUILD program here in the US, learn more about it here 

And speaking of opportunities within the company, you can find our Customer Service (CSR) roles here (link), licensed roles here(link). Non licensed? But want to find a meaningful rewarding career in the healthcare industry just like Candice, TTEC offers college of insurance, we will guide you through the process, be your study buddy, all you must do is focus and pass the exam! Plus, your licensing fees are on us 

Marji Chimes, vice president of marketing, is a boomerang as well. We say boomerang because they’re our amazing returning employees, alumni. She shared the reason why she came back to TTEC is “the people, the variety of people, ages, points of view, nationalities, geography, all over the place, mosaic of points of view. But the one thing that everybody shares is this incredible passion and a can-do attitude”. Embodying the TTEC values means we make sure we provide and elevate not just our customers’ but also our employees’ experience all around the globe. Working together hand in hand with our colleagues and leaders across the globe is made easy because of our dedication, passion and efforts to reach for one goal – reach for amazing!  In a global human experience company like TTEC, our differences are our greatest strength 

There are many reasons why people leave their current role, current team, current company. Often people find more reasons to leave than to stay and then of course there are those who decide to comeback after they left- thus the term Boomerang, alumni, or rehire.  But one thing is for sure, it is your freedom to find the right career path for you, to discover where your heart really lies and to secure a place where you know you will grow both individually and professionally. Just like what Austin Janicek, operations analyst shared, “There were two main factors in my decision returning. The first one was that I learned the hard way, a way that the grass is not always greener on the other side. And secondly, team leadership and the culture was totally different. I noticed that significantly as soon as I left, so I did a lot of thinking where I wanted to be in my career and I ultimately came down a decision that, you know what, the leadership at TTEC is willing to invest their time, and their energy into me to help develop me into the person that I want to be in this corporation. And so what really brought me back to TTEC was the leadership. They're like family”. 
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