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BUILDing future leaders: What is TTEC's Build Program?

BUILDing future leaders: What is TTEC's Build Program?

By Gianne Lim

Finding the perfect company to work for entails a lot of research. Deciding what offer to choose from may mean selecting from a few factors. The current and future workforce population tends to focus on the other side of the benefits spectrum- companies with best leadership development programs, mentorship programssocial and environmental commitments and company culture.

Aside from work-life balance, many are already looking for competitive pay, career growth and personal development. We want to make sure you have that here at TTEC. An opportunity for YOU to learn, develop and apply leadership and management skills that are assets to the company.  

TTEC’s global BUILD program is designed to create a robust pool of potential future leaders for TTEC’s present and future operational and organizational bench strength. The program includes a systematic process of identifying, assessing, developing, and deploying high-potential candidates to fill key leadership positions.    

We’ve had amazing graduates who are now flying with colors in different departments – like Hannah O. from TTEC Las Vegas Site. “The BUILD is an opportunity for us to learn more about what kind of leadership role is available in the organization in general”, says Hannah O. She joined the program because she aspires to move up within the company and this is an opportunity for her to reach that goal.   

She described her experience as motivating, “It helped motivate me to not just settle with the current position but aim higher. It helped me be more confident with my capabilities to handle a team. It helped me enhance my leadership skills by learning the do’s and don’ts on a coaching session, handling a team and being a good leader despite different leadership styles.”  

And the best part of it all is meeting and learning from colleagues all over the globe. She met and worked with mentors and co-trainees from different departments and sites within and outside of the US.   

This is what we want, for you to have your wings, fly and reach for amazing. We want our people to be the leaders we need - leading the team and company to success every day. So, if you are looking for leadership development training that will help you achieve your career goals, then we want you to be a part of our global human experience family. #ExperienceTTEC

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