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Betty's Inspiring Second Act Career

By Rebecca Brookson 


Firecracker. Smart. Hard Working. Funny. Those are just a few of the words to describe Betty D., customer service representative with TTEC at Hardy in Tempe, Arizona since July 2018. In that short period, she’s been a Platinum club member multiple times, consistently exceeded her goals, and inspires the team around her to Reach for Amazing. Ready to hear more? Buckle up because Betty’s energy is contagious! And watch this video to meet Betty.

Betty retired from a reputable health insurance company in 2011. It’s hard to imagine Betty retired… and that didn’t last for long. She was ready to enjoy her retirement but wasn’t quite ready to stop helping people. A mother of 6 adult children, they were all supportive of helping her find a great employer for what they thought was going to be a temporary role. It turns out, that when Betty started out of training, she enjoyed the comfortable environment and felt there was “just something good about this place.” Betty jumped right in, learned the business, and when it was her time to start serving customers, she was prepared.

Betty shares that part of her success is that she knows when she’s at work, it’s time to work. She takes her breaks but you’ll mostly find her at her desk, delivering amazing service. You’ll also find Betty taking advantage of the opportunity to build her paycheck with overtime. As she quickly found out, there’s opportunity above and beyond to increase your compensation. Just ask her about her first Platinum Club experience.

Betty received an invitation to a dinner for the Platinum Club. Not quite understanding what that meant and knowing she needed to focus on work the next day, she declined and was going to head home. But her hiring manager didn’t quite let that happen – he offered to drive her there and back. But she still didn’t catch on about what was to come. She arrived at the dinner, enjoyed the time with the team and when her name was announced during the awards, she couldn’t believe her ears and shared “I’m a winner just for working!”. A trip to Jamaica, a 3K Best Buy shopping spree, and many other “gifts” later, Betty is grateful to TTEC for providing rewards and recognition for hard work.

It’s always inspiring to be a part of listening to TTEC success stories and Betty’s is no exception. Here’s a few of her pearls of wisdom to help you in your professional life:

• When you’re at work, be at work
• Stay focused and consistent
• Always give your 110%
• There’s no “I” in team

What else has Betty found to be important with her career at TTEC? There’s so many opportunities to develop within the company, to try out different lines of business and to support new hires in their growth. She has side by sides with new hires and provides guidance during their calls. Betty recognizes that everyone has different timing for their learning and shares these tips:

• Break down the training into bite-sized chunks
• Ask questions whenever possible

So back to that temporary role that Betty thought she was taking? “The more I learned about how important the employees are to leadership and TTEC, the more I knew I wanted to stay and be a part of this great company.” It’s an inspiring second act career where Betty is consistently leading every day and living life passionately.



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