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3 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

By Rebecca Brookson


I'm just on my way back from a wonderful holiday by a lake in Minnesota (US) – the town was gearing up to celebrate the 4th of July. Flags lined the town square and the streets and signs were up promoting the Independence Day celebrations. It reminded me how quickly the holiday is approaching and that it's time to start making plans to mark the occasion. Here's a few ways that you can join in on the celebration. It just could be the start of some new traditions!

Outside of the US? Don't worry, we'll share a few ways that you can join the celebration as well. 

Support military-attached families 
Independence Day is the perfect day to share your appreciation for those that are actively serving in the military, including their spouses and families. What better way than to recognize their sacrifices with recognition and provide 


  • Visit your local military memorial or if you're on a trip do some research to see what's there to pay your respects
  • Traveling and headed to an airport? Stop by the USO office and drop your change outside if they are hosting a fundraising campaign
  • Send a thank you card or letter of appreciation to those overseas through organizations like A Million Thanks

Giving back to our communities
With such busy lives these days, it may be hard to find the time to give back. Independence Day is a great time to grab your friends or family or head out on your own to spend a couple of hours giving back. When I was visiting Minneapolis, they had volunteer members of the community helping out on their lake trails and paths. Perhaps it's a great day to sign up to care for your city. And since it's summertime, it's perfect to head over to a community garden to support their efforts. Don't worry, this will still leave time for…

Picnics, parades, and fireworks
Your July 4th celebration may include a day with family and friends at the local watering hole – whether that's a lake, the pool, or the ocean! It may also mean grabbing the kids and decorating their bikes for the local parade. In my hometown, I always love watching the Falcon Warbirds air show that a local resort provides for the community. 

And of course, I highly recommend ending your day with a display of amazing fireworks and a concert. There's even fireworks shows without the fireworks. Check to see if your area has the latest drone shows which are just as spectacular. 

I was just talking with a colleague from the Philippines and Marveen mentioned he enjoys watching the fireworks and enjoying the Independence Day celebration from his social media feeds. Be sure to tune into the New York City and Washington D.C. celebrations. 

Remember to raise a flag on the 4th, grab your favorite red, white, and blue outfit and share a heartfelt thank you with the military community. Thank you to our TTEC military family – we hope you enjoy this day of celebration. Here's to you!

Stay tuned on Facebook TTEC USA to learn more about the upcoming National Hire a Veteran Day on July 25th in the United States. 

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