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Celebrating Our Customer Experience Champions this Customer Service Week

Customer Experience Champions

By Cara Rosner, senior editor


Customer service associates are the front line of any brand, getting customers the information they need – quickly, easily, empathetically, and in a way that puts smiles on customers' faces. 

Associates' jobs have never been more important (or harder). This Customer Service Week (Oct. 2-6) we're proud to honor more than 63,000 TTEC associates working across six continents, and in 50 languages, to deliver seamless customer interactions on behalf of our clients.  

CX is about connecting with people 
Delivering a great experience involves so much more than finding answers for customers. Customers often reach out to customer support because they're frustrated and associates often get a glimpse into customers' personal lives. They work hard to connect with customers and resolve inquiries in a caring way.

Marianelle M. recalled a recent interaction with a customer who felt slighted after speaking with another healthcare advocate at her insurance company. The customer confided in Mezarina about a recent brain injury and ongoing cancer battle. She was upset after a prior negative experience regarding an insurance claim.

“Besides filling an escalation request, I managed to empathize with the customer, thanking her for her braveness, assuring her that she would win her battle in cancer,” Mezarina said. “The customer was not upset anymore. She started crying, saying that no one had been nice to her."

By the end of the call, the customer felt confident that her inquiry was headed toward a resolution and thanked Marianelle for her kindness. “I will remember this customer dearly and, as I promised her, she will be in my prayers,” Marianelle said.

Tammy H., a team lead, also helped a customer who was frustrated with a health insurance provider. The member couldn't access her account to retrieve information she needed about appointments and benefits information. 

“I first assured the member I could assist with this issue and reassured the member before the end of the call she would be able to see all information in the account. I made sure not to talk over the member and listen to every detail of the members' statements,” Hester said. “Once in the account, I assisted the member to be able to see appointments, benefits, and went over other information that was available for the member.”

By the end of the call, the member was grateful – not only because she gained account access but because Tammy took the time to explain things to her.  
“The member even stated that she was not aware of all the benefits and was appreciative of me showing all the features on the account,” Tammy said. “This call I will forever remember because I know by the end of the call the member issue was resolved.”

Sometimes, helping a customer goes well beyond just getting them the information they need. Healthcare advocate Kevin Hubbard was helping a caller file a complaint about his healthcare coverage when it became clear the customer was in severe crisis, so Hubbard sprang into action. 

“I reached out to a crisis line,” he said, noting it was clear the customer needed urgent help. “I finally had the member hold for a minute and brought the lady in (from the crisis line) and she further assisted. The member called back in a couple of days and asked for me and was happy that I was there to assist him. And now he is getting the proper medication he needs for his pain."

Great CX is a team effort
Amazing customer experiences start with a strong team, and this week our employees are recognizing the colleagues and managers who inspire them.
Kaitlin W. wanted to recognize her team lead, Rachel L.: “Rachel has gone above and beyond for me and our team ever since she became my team lead. She's so understanding; she helps in any way that she can. She definitely makes you feel like she's not just here strictly for work or to be a team lead. She listens and cares.”

Team leads are an essential element to making sure teams work efficiently and associates are engaged in their work. Here's what Kendy R. had to say about team lead Sheri S. “Sheri is there for me when I need her – during work, after work, or even weekends. She truly cares about us. I have had several team leads since I got (to TTEC) and all have been great, but Sheri makes me feel like I matter. I love being part of her team.”

Lindsey B. had this to say about training supervisor Michelle G.: “She consistently goes above and beyond to support her team by answering questions and conducting research when necessary. Michelle's leadership qualities inspire her team to be the best trainers they can be.”

Celebrating our CX Champions
At TTEC, we know our front-line associates are crucial to delivering the type of experiences that delight customers. We appreciate them year-round but are shining a spotlight on them through Customer Service Week.

Here are a few of the things we have planned:
•    Recognition events
•    A “Wall of Wow” where associates can share success stories from their professional and personal lives
•    Team-building activities
•    Opportunities for associates to show colleagues their appreciation
•    Snacks and treats throughout the week
•    Daily dress-up themes, like Super Hero Day, Sports Team Day, and Pajama Day

Come join the celebration on social as we share the stories and excitement behind this week. Be sure to tag a colleague or a friend and share your recognition with them as well.

Check out what Chief People Officer Laura Butler has to share! And come and meet Katelyn H, Employee Engagement Manager, as she shares more on our Talent Show on LinkedIn Live about the importance of employee engagement and how we're celebrating Customer Service Week here at TTEC. 

Interested in learning more about roles in customer experience? Check out for what's available near you.

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