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Love Your Career At TTEC: Grow, Belong, Inspire

Love Your Career At TTEC: Grow, Belong, Inspire

By Emmanuel Lean


In a big customer experience industry that’s so diverse with many different roles and professional paths, it can be difficult to capture what makes a BPO career so amazing.

So, let’s spark a conversation about why you love your career in customer service. Is it career growth opportunities? Work life balance? Has your love stayed the same through the years? Most importantly, are you in an environment that nurtures you as much as possible?

At TTEC, the employee experience is a big a priority, just like customer experience is. We build a supportive community around you, create a path for you to develop skills, and empower you to pursue an individual professional growth plan. We want to provide employees with plenty to love at TTEC!

Let’s read a short conversation between Aman P. (TTEC Mumbai in India) and Ryann O. (TTEC Dumaguete in the Philippines) about what makes their TTEC experiences special ❤️.

Ryann: What I love most about TTEC is their emphasis on recognition. From day one, rewarding success and effort has been a central focus here. They value employees and show their appreciation in a real way.

Aman: I agree. This culture of appreciation and celebration inspires us to consistently give our best and maximize our employee career growth opportunities.

Ryann: That’s exactly what happened to me. As a returning agent but former Team Leader, I was so happy with how quickly TTEC recognized my hard work and potential as a manager. After getting regularized, I soon got promoted to Team Leader. Then, I became Senior Team Lead and then Manager! An unbelievable two-year period of success that I’m very grateful for.

Aman: Wow. TTEC is so committed to employee success. Every individual is given the chance to show their potential and pursue an individual professional growth plan. This can be seen in how we train our people.

Our Learning and Development Team at TTEC Ahmedabad – Manoj, Niranjan, Vishal, Pashmin, and Shruti who I loved working with – has shown me such unwavering dedication, collaborative spirit, and an enthusiasm for creating a positive learning environment.

Together, we shaped new talents within the organization and provided skills development that hopefully set them up for success in their current roles and other new TTEC job opportunities. That team has left such a lasting impression of love and passion on me. And having moved now to TTEC Mumbai, my team here – Sachin, Ramnish, Atiq, Anubhav, and Pankaj – have shown me the exact same inspiring culture.

Ryann: Our leaders also love to spark employee career growth. As someone working my way up the corporate ladder, I’ve consistently relied on the strong support system my leaders have established for me.

Aman: And TTEC ignites our potential beyond skills development and professional support. Circling back to the idea of recognition, our people love to organize team outings, appreciation days full of rewards for outstanding employees, and more… to highlight individual and team.

achievements while also creating an amazing sense of shared success, belonging… of community. It builds an inclusive environment where we can all grow together.

Ryann: Shared success. That’s the core. Everyone supports and loves your career growth here. In fact, with my new role as Manager, I’m so excited because I can play a pivotal role in providing great opportunities for our teams, which I’ve already done for 11 new Team Leads, 16 Quality Analysts, five Queue Masters, and two workforce management professionals. That has been a profoundly rewarding experience for me.

Aman: That cycle of passing on the opportunities for growth to the rest of the teams is amazing. As someone who started in customer support then transitioned into a trainer role and now a Team Lead position, I experienced firsthand how our leaders provide those TTEC job opportunities for continuous growth. And I’m eager to continue exploring new horizons and making lasting contributions to our success. I’m loving the possibilities here.

Even as the customer experience industry continues to grow and evolve, most of the reasons why people enjoy working in BPO have stayed the same.

With TTEC, there’s so much to love: a nurturing environment, great incentives and benefits, and leaders who can unleash real career growth opportunities for you.

Amazing experiences start here. Discover new possibilities at TTEC.

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