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3 Ways to Light Up Your Career with Purpose

3 Ways to Light Up Your Career with Purpose

By Rebecca B


Everyone has that special something. That thing that lights them up. That thing that lights up the people around them. You have the Spark – and we’re here to ignite it so you can discover all the possibilities in your career. Curious about how to unlock a career with purpose? We got you.

One thing we know that fires up our global team is the opportunity to make a difference every day at work. Important to you too? Good! With our purpose to deliver humanity to business, guided by our mission, and values, we believe in social and environmental responsibility, fostering a culture where everyone belongs, and giving back through employee-sponsored grants from the TTEC Foundation. And that’s just the beginning.

Here’s just a few of the ways we spark inspiration around the world, and you can in your own career:

Celebrating each other
When we celebrate global diversity events and holidays, we experience diverse perspectives, vibrant traditions, and the opportunity to Live Life Passionately. These events help us to connect in a dynamic world which leads to better understanding and more appreciation. Remember, we said we’re bringing humanity to business after all!

And let’s talk fun! Check out how TTECers celebrated each other for Black History Month in the United States and Canada.

Celebrate inclusivity with us

Supporting our communities
Let’s head over to India. What started as a fun-filled small walking event in the early 2000s, has grown into the 22nd Annual TTEC Wellness Walk in Ahmedabad, India. All proceeds go to the beneficiary NGOs to improve socio-economic conditions, development of underprivileged communities, education, nutrition, and much more. It’s more than a walk, it’s a way to nourish body and soul. 

It's just one of the ways the team in Ahmedabad works together to make a difference.

Follow the walk

Loving Mother Earth
Time to hop over to the Philippines. Think Green, Live Green isn’t just a catchy slogan for t-shirts rather, it’s a rallying call that the TTEC Philippines team lives by. Our team joined forces with our partner Friends of Hope for the Onshore Clean-Up events in the coastal area of Las Pinas and Paranaque.

What happens when a team of environmentally minded people come together? They clean up about 715 kgs (about 1576.3 lb) of trash picked up by TTECers, which in turn will be recycled!

But that’s not all, the trash is equivalent to cash credits, which will be turned over to 2 female micro-entrepreneurs. Now, that is a win-win-win for our communities!

Check out the clean-up in action

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