It's true,
it's almost day 1!

Welcome once again to the team. We’re happy you’re here and partnered alongside us to get to this point.

Important: Before you go to the Tech Check-in, you need to ensure your Windows updates are installed. While this test could take just 5 minutes, it can take up to an hour to complete if Windows updates need to be installed.

Tech-Check in time is almost here: You’ll receive an email to the Meet and Greet session inviting you to the Tech Check-In. During this check in, our TTEC at home Service Desk team members (aka ASD) will be working with you to boot up and test the TTEC systems and tools.

You can expect to spend up to 3 hours with our team and will complete the following:

  • Computer/USB port check
  • Work environment setups
  • Log in and validation to systems/tools

Once you’re finished, you’re now ready for training. We’ll see you again soon!