of ACC

Please make sure you have the latest windows updates installed and restart your PC before taking the test. Also, for best results please check that no one else is using Internet at your home.

Please make sure you are using the same computer you used when applying for this role. If that computer is not available, don’t worry! We will make sure your current computer is compatible during this test. Home Wi-Fi (wireless networking) is only supported on specific client assignments. We prefer a wired connection between your computer and your modem/router whenever possible.

  • Passing the Associate Computer Compatibility will not guarantee 100% compatibility with our systems

Please refer to Work From Home | Requirements to learn what’s required for your role with TTEC at home.

A. Installing Associate Computer Compatibility

1. Click on the Download ACC button to install and launch the Associate Computer Compatibility (ACC).

2. After clicking on the download button, look at the bottom of the window and when it finishes downloading, click on the ACCSetup.exe file to begin the installation.

3. You may get a message from User Account Control (UAC), click on the Yes button to allow it.

4. Click on the OK button.

5. On the welcome screen, click on the Next button.

6. Click on the I Agree button to accept the terms of the License.

7. To complete these steps, click on the Finish button.

This window closes and after some seconds, another one will open (which is explained on the next section).

B. Running The Associate Computer Compatibility

1. Please login using your TTEC Oracle ID and click the Login button.

2. Select from the options [a] [b], the information about your computer to check compatibility with our systems and click the Start Scan button.

3. Please wait, processing assessment…

4. If you have this message, click on the link [a] if you want to know the failure reasons.

5. If you successfully pass the hardware test, you will need to resolve some additional items to complete the test.

Click on the link to complete the pending items.

6. Select audio devices and click on the Next button.

7. To adjust the playback, follow the instructions and click on the Play button.

8. If the sample sounds at a comfortable level, click on the Stop button.

9. To adjust the microphone, follow the instructions and click on the Start Test button.

10. If you hear the recording at a comfortable level, click on the Stop button.

11. Now, enable the checkbox [a] and click on the Next button.

12. Checking Windows updates…

13. Checking windows updates.
If it is not up-to-date, click on the Update button and follow the instructions.

14. If your Antivirus, your Firewall or both need attention, please proceed with the instructions.

15. Congratulations!
Your system is eligible for work.
Click on the Finish button.