Let's try again

What to do if I didn’t pass the computer and internet specs?

Here are some actions that you can do to remediate and meet our minimum system specs:

Working from home, growing your career, avoiding the commute... it's all worth it. We may have some simple fixes to get you suited up, “back in the game” and ready to take the Initial Systems Assessment again.

We’re rooting for your computer!

Need more details on our system requirements? You can find more here.


If you have a Windows-based computer, let's get started!

Apple or Chromebook user? So sorry - we're not compatible.

In order to see why you didn't pass the scan, check back to this image on the ISA page and it will indicate the reason.

You can review the categories below to see where you may consider making updates.


Have access to a different computer that you can use for work? You’ll want to use an alternative computer if you received a notification that your CPU isn’t compatible.


Your drive doesn’t have enough free space for you to be able to use our tools.

Here are some options:

1. You could free some space by removing some files from your disk

2. get a secondary hard drive installed on the computer

3. Have access to a different Windows-based computer that you can use for work? You may want to use an alternative computer to test again

How do I check my available disk space? It’s just two easy steps!

1. Open File Explorer

2. Click on the “This PC” section


Your hard drive seems to be using the encryption features on your computer. These features need to be free to be used on the TTEC’s drive instead.

Here are a couple of options:

1. You could either disable your hard drive encryption

2. If you have an alternative computer you would use for work, select this new computer to test again.


The required internet bandwidth could not be met.

Here's a couple of options:

1. You may want to try again while having your computer hardwired via an ethernet cable to your router

2. Contact your Internet Service Provider to attain the required extra speed to test again.


Upgrade your Memory RAM

The amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) in your PC could be the machine’s major bottleneck, and adding more will speed things up.

If you have less than the required GB of RAM you may consider upgrading it.


Your Computer BIOS Mode is not supporting UEFI.

If you think your PC is newer than 7 years old this set up may be able to be modified by a professional.

Important: We recommend you find a computer technician for help on this adjustment to your PC settings as attempting this change may turn your computer unbootable or it may possibly need a Windows reinstall.

How to find out if your computer supports UEFI

  1. Open your search bar and type in System Information
  2. In system summary, look for the BIOS Mode item and ensure it shows UEFI in the Value column
  3. If you cannot find BIOS Mode in system summary, use the “find what” bar and search for “BIOS Mode”


To support the technical requirements, you need to have an ethernet port in your PC to be able to be hardwired to your modem. You also need USB ports available for hardware devices to be plugged into your computer. If you did not pass for this reason, consider acquiring a port replicator. The option below has been tested successfully and is approved for use. Please note your computer will need a type C port adaptor as shown below

Recommended options that meet our requirements:

  1. VILCOME 11-in-1 USB C Docking Station
    Product Number: B081GHTVVN
  2. VANMASS Aluminum USB C Hub, 9 in 1 USB C Adapter
    Product Number: B07VVYG6S1
  3. Dodocool USB C Hub, 14-in-1 USB C Adapter
    Product Number: B082843K2M
  4. RAYROW USB C Hub, 13-in-1 Laptop Docking Station
    Product Number: B07YFBVF1C
  5. UtechSmart USB C Hub, 11 in 1 USB C Adapter
    Product Number: B07KYL58Q1

*Please ensure compatability with your own computer before purchasing*


Our apps and features are not enabled to properly work on a virtual machine. Have access to a Windows-based computer that you can use for work? You may want to use an alternative computer to test again.