Meet my BFF Amy

We were chatting about how much she loves helping people and wishing she could find a job where she could make a difference and grow her career. And the cherry on top? Do it all while working from home!

Hi, I’m Amy. This is Cocoa (she’s so dreamy)

Heck yes, I know a place for all that good stuff for Amy! TTEC brings the fun, career growth and smiles to peeps.

One of the best parts is that she can work from the comfort of her own home. When I told her about TTEC, she asked me how to get started. I said, It´s easy! Just follow me!

It’s time for Amy to #ExperienceTTEC!

      Let’s head to to apply for the role.

Application done. Now it’s time for us to find out if we're a match made in heaven. We get to know Amy. She gets to know TTEC.

Next up! It's time to put Amy's computer to the test. The tech scan is super easy, simple, and secure. We’ve got the need for speed – internet speed that is (helmet not required).

Amy´s on her way to meet with recruiters and some potential coworkers. The fun is only beginning!

Virtual high fives. Celebrate good times. Amy’s accepted the job and is ready to join the TTEC family (in her bunny slippers of course).

It's readiness time...just a couple more steps and Amy is ready to rock and roll for her first day. And beyond!

Happy dance time. Amy's one step closer to helping people and working from home. She’s prepping for the final tune up.

First day jitters? Never fear, we’ve got Amy’s back. Between the onboarding guides, coaches and mentors and her team – she’ll have a bunch of cheerleaders by her side. Oh and hey, she’ll have yours truly cheering her along too.

And that's a wrap. Amy can crush the work day from her home and yet, she's never alone. Time to deliver smiles!

Before we go, remember how Amy wanted to work from home? She said goodbye to her commute and hello to more time doing what she loves!